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Message Board Rules

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  • Rule infraction may result in either a warning or ban, depending on the severity.
  • Kindness matters.

There are many more individuals who have recruitment.  Recruitment is a rapid growth of perceived loudness for sounds in the pitch region of a person who has hearing loss.  This phenomenon occurs because at some decibel level, the normal hair cells adjacent to the damaged hair cells (corresponding to the frequency of a hearing loss) are “recruited.”  At the decibel level at which these normal hair cells “kick in,” perceived loudness shoots up rapidly, causing discomfort.  In other words, at one point the person cannot hear the sound because they have hearing loss (in that frequency), then when the sound reaches a certain loudness and/or frequency the person is blown away.  Once they finally hear the sound, it is perceived as far too loud.  Recruitment is a common phenomenon in cultures where many of their lives have been saturated with too much noise – like our Western culture.  Common treatment is the same as it is for hyperacusis unless the persons hearing loss is so pronounced that listening to broadband pink noise would be of no benefit to them.

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