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If you are new to hyperacusis it is important to understand that most clinicians in the world have no idea what it is, have no idea how to treat it and sometimes subject our ears to tests which are too loud.  That underscores the need to see a clinician who understands hyperacusis and provides a path to recovery.  It is helpful if your local hearing clinician is at least able to rule out any significant physical abnormalities which may be impacting your hearing (i.e. acoustic neuroma).  However if they prescribe a course of action that does not improve your condition or suggest you ‘learn to live with it’ then you need a different clinician particularly if your sound tolerances are so collapsed that normal conversation is difficult for you.  Some are so impacted with hyperacusis that they need to take a leave of absence from their job.

No matter what your situation is, you need to find a path that will return you to the mainstream of life. This list can help you with that.  I want to make it clear that this is not an advertisement and the network does not endorse any of these clinicians.  Just because they have been trained under the Jastreboff/Hazell team does not mean they are the right clinician for you. Only you can determine that. However, these clinicians have been specially trained to treat tinnitus and hyperacusis patients and should be knowledgeable in these areas. They should be able to explain the dynamics of hyperacusis, prescribe a sound therapy to help you recover and provide ongoing counseling throughout your treatment.

If you have a bad experience with a clinician on this list, please inform this network

Finally, be sure to read the next thread on this message board called “Message to Newcomers” which contains additional important information to help you.  Do not do nothing!  Pick yourself up and get working on sound therapy as soon as possible. Because this message board restricts each post to 60,000 characters this alphabetical list had to be broken up into seven postings.

The link below will direct you to a list of clinicians worldwide that have completed the course on Tinnitus Retraining Therapy under Dr. Pawel Jastreboff and Dr. Jonathan Hazell.  This network is providing this list in response to daily questions from people all over the world wondering where in the world they can receive a proper diagnosis and treatment for hyperacusis.

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